Due miei progetti menzionati ai Bentley Awards 2017

BIM Advancements in CONSTRUCTION

Cad Connect
Architectural Project
Milan, Italy

Freelance visual designer Daniele Podda was contracted by Cad Connect to design a pilot project that demonstrates the BIM features of AECOsim Building Designer. Intended for use in classroom training, the demo builtout an expansive, EUR 10 million villa in Milan, Italy. The villa comprised two sections—one ground-floor level for daytime activities, and a second two-level wing for sleeping quarters and a study.
The structural composition consisted of a steel and iron skeleton with stone, reinforced concrete, or plasterboard coatings. The simulation detailed the windows and outdoor living space, as well as provided context in the form of panoramic views and background settings. Podda used MicroStation to render visualizations for use in training manuals.
Bentley Channel Partner Cad Connect provided technical support for this project.


Keydi Lamps
Casale Monferrato, Italy

Keydi lamps are a new concept in lamps where shadows are combined with the most advanced LED technology. The lamps resemble a blank painting canvas when in the “off” mode and are available in three sizes, depending on the user’s lighting needs. Italian architectural design studio Lineacurva was responsible for design of the eco-sustainable lamps, as well as the packaging for and distribution to both residential and business markets. To meet the needs of the two different retail channels, Lineacurva analyzed numerous alternatives to determine the optimal design and packaging.
The studio used MicroStation to create the initial concept as a 3D model.
Using the precise modeling and visualization capabilities of the software enabled the project team to deliver the initial prototypes immediately following the design phase. The interoperability of MicroStation improved information mobility and stakeholder collaboration. With real-time design verification, MicroStation facilitated design efficiency and accelerated
project delivery.

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